Terms of Service

1. Introduction & Contents and Characteristics of the online services and the immobilier.ch application

1.1   The company immobilier.ch SA, whose registered office is 2, Allée de la Petite-Prairie, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland (hereinafter the "Company"), manages the real estate portal "immobilier.ch" accessible in particular at the address www.immobilier.ch (hereinafter the "Portal") as well as the associated application (hereinafter referred to as "the Application") accessible from any terminal having a connection to the Internet, by free download on the AppStore or GooglePlay. This Portal, as well as this Application, offer possibilities for posting ads for properties to rent or for sale (such as plots, houses, furnished or unfurnished apartments, parking spaces, etc.), in Switzerland or abroad, emanating solely from real estate professionals (hereinafter the "Advertisers").

1.2   This Portal and this Application allow any user visiting the Portal (hereinafter referred to as the "Visitor" or "You") to contact Advertisers of the objects of interest to him and / or the partners of the Company for Rent Guarantee and Financing a real estate purchase.

1.3    Contact the company

The Visitor may at any time contact the company:

  • by simple letter to the address indicated in article 1.1 above;
  • by e-mail to the following address: info@immobilier.ch;
  • by phone+41(0) 22 365 53 58 from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm 30 and from 1.30 to 5.30 pm (non-premium call).

1.4      Portal and Application Host

Net 4 All Swiss Grade Security

Net4All.ch – Ch. du Devent 7 –1024 Ecublens VD – Suisse SA (capital of 100 000 CHF – Registre de Vaud)

N°FED : CH-550.1.021.497-2

1.5    The Company reserves the right to modify or delete content, information and announcements appearing on the Portal and the Application at any time without notice. Likewise, it may at any time modify the content and form of its services, or remove some of them. The technical characteristics of the Portal and the Application may also be changed at any time in a discretionary manner.

2. Scope, acceptance and modification of the Terms of Use

2.1   These Terms of Service are intended to define the conditions under which the Visitor benefits from the Services provided by the Company through its Portal and / or Application. All Services provided by the Company and made available to the Visitor are detailed on the Portal and the Application.

2.2    These Terms are implicitly accepted by the access and use of services that do not require the creation of an account or the sending of a non-binding offer request to our partner Firstcaution for rent guarantee or request for personalized advice to finance a real estate purchase from our partner DL MoneyPark. Therefore, if You refuse these terms and conditions, in whole or in part, you must refrain from using these services and leave the Portal or Application.

For the use of the services on the Portal and the Application requiring the creation of an account or the sending of personalized advice request form containing the data you have entered to our partners (Firstcaution and DL MoneyPark), your consent (express or implied) is mandatory. Without your consent (express or implied), you can not benefit from these services.

2.3    The present Terms of Service may be modified, so the applicable conditions are those in force and accessible on the Portal and the Application of the Company on the date of access to the Portal or the Application by the Visitor.

2.4    Regarding the Application, if it has been downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, the Visitor has also been invited upstream, to accept the terms of the general conditions specific to these two platforms and undertakes to respect these.

3. Description of the services provided by the Portal and the Application

The Services provided on the Portal and the Application of the Company consist in facilitating and optimizing the Visitor's steps in his search for rental and / or purchase of real estate by allowing him to benefit for free of the following Services:

  • The possibility of creating a personalized research corner through which the Visitor will have the opportunity to access to offers of rental / sale of properties corresponding to specific search criteria that he has selected beforehand. This service also allows to receive by email and / or by push notification on its Application the new offers of rent / sale properties corresponding to the criteria selected by its care; by creating an account, the Visitor has a unique identifier (his email address) and a strictly personal password, which he undertakes to keep confidential and not to transmit to third parties. The Visitor is the only one authorized to access and use the Services using his unique identifier and his password. Any access to the Visitor's account with his unique identifier and his password is deemed by right to have been made by the Visitor. Likewise, access to the Services with these username and password is under the sole responsibility of the Visitor. Therefore, in case of loss, theft or any fraudulent act with regard to his unique identifier and his password, the Visitor must inform the Company as soon as possible and justify on this occasion his identity by all means. Upon receipt of its duly justified notification, the Company will send the Visitor a new password associated with its unique identifier (or new unique identifier), provided that it keeps them strictly confidential;
  • Access to the details of Advertisers holding offers for renting and / or sale of properties published on the Portal and the Application;
  • A calculation service and put in relation with our partner Firstcaution to benefit from a non-binding offer for a Rent Guarantee;
  • A calculation service for the determination of the purchase potential of the Visitor's and a non-binding relationship service with our partner DL MoneyPark to advise the Visitor and help him to find the best financing for a real estate purchase;
  • A free subscription service to a personalized newsletter; 
  • A service of access to practical advices intended to accompany the Visitor in his real estate project

The Visitor is informed that the Services are subject to constant evolution.

The Visitor is informed and acknowledges that the activity of the Company is limited to facilitating the linking of Visitors with Advertisers and / or its partners Firstcaution and DL MoneyPark. Its responsibility can not in any way be engaged in the framework of the relations, agreements and discussions likely to intervene between the Visitors and the Advertisers and / or between the Visitors and the partners of the Company (Firstcaution and DL MoneyPark).

4. Intellectual property

4.1    All contents (information, documents, images, tools and analyzes published on this Portal and on the Application) are and remain the property of the Company, the Advertisers or any other rightful claimant. In general, no rights are granted to the Visitor on these elements, to the exclusion of the use expressly authorized under these provisions.

4.2   These elements are made available to the public only for private purposes, in accordance with the purpose of the Portal and the Application. None of these elements may be exploited, reproduced, modified, distributed (electronically, in paper form or otherwise) or used in any other way for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of the Company.

5. Rules and principles applicable to the use of the Portal

5.1    Technical access to the Portal and the Application by the Visitor takes place through its internet provider and under the responsibility of the latter. Access to the Portal and the Application is public. However, the Company may disallow access to any unwanted Visitor.

5.2    The Visitor is responsible for managing his access data (email / password) with care, confidentiality and precaution. The Company is not responsible for the misuse of access data or damages resulting from abusive access by unauthorized third parties.

5.3   The content and information available on the Portal and Application do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Code of Obligations, nor an invitation to make an offer, nor any recommendation from the Company, guarantee of rent, financing or other. Legal, tax or other matters relating to contemplated transactions should be reviewed with the assistance of a specialized third party.

5.4    The transactions that can be made through the Portal and the Application are subject without restriction to all applicable legal provisions. This is true for the legal requirements applicable in any commercial transaction carried out outside the Internet, such as the requirement to be of legal age to enter into a contract. If you do not meet these requirements, you must refrain from completing a transaction through the Portal and the Application.

5.5    The Company is not able to verify the content of the advertisements published on the Portal and on the Application by the Advertisers. It therefore offers no guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. It is therefore your responsibility to carry out all the necessary verifications, by contacting the corresponding Advertisers or by any other means at your disposal.

5.6    The use of the Portal, the Application and its services is under your sole responsibility and at your own risk. You irrevocably release the Company from any liability for any damage you may suffer in connection with the use of the Portal and the Application.

5.7   By clicking on the links (including banners) on this Portal and this Application, you may leave the site or the Application and go under your responsibility to sites of third parties, outside the control of the Company. Since the latter does not necessarily have exhaustive verification of all the sites linked by a hypertext link, it declines any responsibility as for the contents, products or services or offers which are diffused there. The elements contained on the linked sites are only provided for your convenience and your information. They may be subject to the terms and conditions and privacy policies of third parties.

5.8      Registration with the Company is necessary to benefit from certain services offered by the Portal and the Application. The personal information that You transmit on this occasion (including your email address for receiving email alerts, push notifications on the Application, the newsletter immobilier.ch or personalized advice from our partners) are managed in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy accessible through this link. You are solely responsible for the content of your registration and the personal information that You provide to the Company on this occasion. If applicable, You agree to provide the required information in an exhaustive and realistic manner and to immediately make any changes in your personal information.

5.9       The Portal and the Application use Google Analytics, Criteo, Facebook and other similar tools for monitoring and analyzing traffic, so that cookies are set up to:

  • enable the proper functioning of the Portal and the Application;
  • establish audience statistics;
  • understand your navigation;
  • display real estate or services tailored to your needs on the Portal, the Application and other sites on which you may be browsing later (such as Facebook or other general sites).

For more information on cookies, please see the Portal and Application Privacy Policy, accessible through this link. By using the Portal and the Application, you consent to the processing of the data affected by Google, Criteo, Facebook or the Company under the conditions and for the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy.

6. The Company as an Intermediary & Exclusion of Liability

6.1    The Company acts solely as an intermediary provider, offering an online publication platform for real estate listings. As such, it is not a party to the sale, purchase, lease or other transactions involving real estate properties posted by the Advertisers which are the exclusive responsibility of the parties concerned (where applicable the Advertiser and the Visitor concerned or the partners (Firstcaution, DL MoneyPark) and the Visitor concerned).

6.2    Although it takes or arranges, in accordance with the rules of the art, the technical and organizational measures necessary for the proper functioning of the Portal and the Application, the Company offers no guarantee as to the availability of the Portal or the application and does not respond to a transmission error, malfunction or interruption of service of the Portal or the Application. Any claim by the Visitor in this respect against the Company or its associates and auxiliaries is excluded, including in case of indirect and consequential damages to the use of the Portal or the Application, in particular for the loss of gain or claims of third parties.

6.3    In the area of ​​security, the Company instructs specialized third parties to implement all the necessary measures according to the rules of the art to avoid an intrusion, the introduction of viruses or other illicit technical harmful methods. Absolute security on the Internet can not be guaranteed, however, the Visitor uses the Portal and the Application at his own risk.

6.4    The Company is not responsible for the information published by the Advertisers on the Portal and the Application. The content of the ads is not his responsibility, as the publication of objects already sold or rented.

7. Protection of your personal data

7.1    The personal data transmitted if necessary at the time of your registration on the Portal, the Application or when sending request(s) to benefit from a non-binding offer for a rent guarantee or personalized advice for financing of your property with our partners, are processed by the Company in accordance with the Privacy Policy accessible through this link.

7.2    By completing the contact form with an Advertiser for a real estate object that interests You or with one of our partners to benefit from a non-binding offer for a rent guarantee or personalized advice for the financing of your real estate purchase, you agree that the Company sends them this information. Once transmitted, their use in accordance with the applicable legal provisions is no longer the responsibility of the Company, but only the Advertiser or our partner Firstcaution for rent guarantee or our partner DL MoneyPark for the financing of your property.

7.3    When you register or when you fill out a contact form with an Advertiser for a property, your consent is required to receive an e-Newsletter from the Company. You can unsubscribe from this Newsletter at any time by clicking on the corresponding link in the body of the email or by going to the "My Account" section once logged in.

7.4     During your real estate search, You can customize your search with your criteria and create an alert to receive new properties matching your criteria by email or push notifications on the Application. You can delete your alerts (emails or push notifications) at any time by clicking on the corresponding links in the body of emails or in the "My Account" section on the Portal or on the Application. If you no longer wish to receive push notifications on the Application immobilier.ch, simply go to your mobile phone settings in the "Notifications" section and deactivate the notifications for the Application immobilier.ch.

7.5    To facilitate your real estate search and benefit from services, you can create an account on the Portal or on the Application. You can delete your account at any time by clicking on the corresponding link in the "My Account" menu on the Portal or on the Application.

8. Final provisions

Changes to these Terms of Service

8.1    The Company may modify these Terms of Service at any time without notice. The modifications are applicable with immediate effect to any Visitor, even if it is a Visitor who has already accessed the Portal or Application and accepted these Terms.

Nullity of certain provisions

8.2    If any provision of these Terms of Service were to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions would be applicable. In such a case, the null or non-applicable provision would be interpreted as close as possible to what was originally intended.

Foreign law

8.3    The Visitor understands that the use of the Portal and the Application and the resulting transactions with advertisers may, depending on the circumstances, be subject to a law other than Swiss law. It is therefore incumbent upon him to inquire about this. The Company declines all responsibility in this regard.

Applicable law and dispute resolution (for)

8.4    These Terms of Service are governed by Swiss law, excluding any conflict of laws rule. The exclusive place of any proceeding arising therefrom is fixed at the registered office of the Company.

Nyon,  9. April 2019